4 things about Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter that don’t make sense

Ginny Weasley easily won the love of Harry Potter fans. Popular, outgoing and intelligent, the youngest daughter of the Weasley family is one of the most beloved in the entire saga. However, some points in its history never made sense. Today, we remember 4 of them. Check out!

4 things about Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter that doesn’t make sense

4. Reaction after being possessed

One of Ginny’s most important appearances in Harry Potter was when she was possessed by Lord Voldemort in the Chamber of Secrets. No one knew that she had been possessed for a year – which was bizarre in itself. Through a diary, Tom Riddle was sucking on Ginny’s life force. When she opened the chamber, his powers grew stronger and Ginny weakened. Harry, of course, saved the poor damsel in distress and defeated the basilisk.

After everything that happened, Ginny apparently did well and showed no symptoms of post-traumatic stress. The only time fans could see how she felt about the event was when she mentioned Harry in The order of the Phoenix. Most confusing of all, despite having a near-death experience, Ginny did not seem affected.

3.The relationship with Michael Corner

Michael Corner was Gina Weasley’s first boyfriend, and fans met the young boy from Order of the Phoenix. He joined Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and others in the formation of Dumbledore’s Navy and was trained by the protagonist himself.

Michael was from Ravenclaw and Ginny was from Gryffindor. She loved adventure and excitement – all the things that Michael didn’t enjoy. He seemed to be shy and not as outgoing as Ginny. Although he loved Quidditch – which was probably the only thing he had in common with Ginny. Besides the sport, the two had nothing that could make fans say that they had the least amount of chemistry. So, we ask ourselves: why did they date?

2. Is the most popular girl in school

Ginny Weasley often seemed to be the most popular girl at Hogwarts. During the sixth year of Harry Potter, he overheard a group of Slytherins talking about how beautiful she was. This, in fact, is kind of confusing to fans, as their popularity came out of nowhere.

Readers and viewers only learned of Ginny’s social status when Harry heard about it in O Mestizo Prince. Especially because the Weasleys were generally not that popular – except for Fred and Jorge.

1.The proximity to Hermione

The close circle of Gina’s friends has never been shown in Harry Potterlet alone her proximity to Hermione Granger. Although she was known as the most popular girl at school, she was not often seen with a group of friends of her own.

Ginny’s friendship with Hermione was formed through her brother’s relationship with the girl. Since Hermione and Ron Weasley were best friends, along with Harry, she finally met Ginny and the rest of the Weasley family. They knew about each other’s love life and exchanged tips on various subjects, including love life. How they became so united was another unsolved mystery …