45th Kodansha Manga Awards (2021)

Editor Kodansha unveiled the results of the 45th Kodansha Manga Awards (2021) !

the Kodansha Manga Award is an annual Japanese competition in which the jury awards the prize for the best work in each category (shonen, shoujo, youth, etc.). The jury is made up of mangaka.

Best Shonen Manga 2021:

Blue Lock of Kaneshiro Muneyuki & Nomura yusuke (13 volumes in progress – licensed from Pika editions)

Gender: Shonen, Action / Slice of life, Sports (soccer)


After losing the world cup, Japanese Football Union launches a program to identify high-potential high school players who will begin training for the 2022 Cup.

Their trainer, Ego jinpachi, intends to fundamentally change the way Japanese people play by introducing a radically new training regime: isolating 300 young attackers in a prison-like institution called Blue Lock and subject them to rigorous training aimed at creating “the world’s greatest selfish striker”.

Among these adolescents, we follow the path ofIsagi Youichi, a balloon prodigy, who receives an invitation to this program.

Best Shoujo Manga 2021:

Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai (By your side) of Morino Megumi (8 volumes in progress – licensed from Akata editions)

Gender: Shoujo, School Life, Comedy / Romance

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When a snowy winter afternoon, Hotaru holds out his umbrella to Hanano, one of her high school friends who has just been dumped, she had not yet imagined that it was the beginning of a new story.

Indeed, this boy from the class next door arrives the next day, to make a declaration of love to her, even though he does not really know her … Destabilized, she nevertheless ends up agreeing to try to go out with him. ‘at Christmas.

What if behind deceptive appearances, the meeting of these two was in reality the fruit of fate?

Best General Manga 2021:

Yuria-sensei no Akai Ito of Irie Kiwa (8 volumes in progress)

Gender: Josei, Slice of Life, Drama / Romance


Yuria, 50, leads a quiet life giving embroidery lessons in her home, where she lives with her writer husband and his mother.

One day, her world is turned upside down when her husband suffers from a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Arriving at the hospital, Yuria is greeted by a young man in tears who announces to her that he is her husband’s lover …