5 best fights of Jotaro Kujo

Jojo’s part 3 is acclaimed by many fans as the best part of the story, so today we’ll show you the 5 best fights of Jotaro Kujo, showing how he was an excellent protagonist of part 3.


Jojo – The 5 best fights of Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo Vs Enya

Halfway through the trip to Egypt, Jotaro’s gang paid a visit to India, where Muhammad Avdol apparently lost his life to Hol Horse before Polnareff and the rest defeated J. Geil. Shortly thereafter, J. Geil’s vengeful mother, Enya, took the stage. She had taken over an entire city in Pakistan, and as soon as Jotaro’s gang visited her, they fell right into her trap.

Enya’s Stand enveloped the place in an insidious mist, and she used open wounds to control people and kill them. Enya had nearly killed Polnareff that way before Jotaro used a false name in the hotel register to sniff out the enemy and then attacked her. Jotaro made sure not to suffer any injuries before using Star Platinum to simply inhale Justice’s mist, ending Enya’s violence once and for all.


Jotaro Kujo Vs Daniel J. D’Arby

The gang faced even more powerful users of Stand in Egypt, many of whom operated more like assassins than as frontline fighters. For example, Daniel J. D’Arby was a master gamer and cheater who used his Stand, Osiris, to steal the soul of anyone who lost to him. Joseph Joestar and Polnareff challenged him only to fall into the trap of Daniel’s cheating, so Jotaro had his turn.

However, Daniel is not used to being defensive. Jotaro realized this, so he made a huge bet and demanded that Daniel call in an all-or-nothing battle. Daniel wasn’t prepared for that kind of pressure and couldn’t understand why Jotaro was so confident in his poker hand. He soon bent under the pressure and released all his captured souls. Surprise: Jotaro had a weak hand and used pure bluff to beat Daniel in a contest more about mind games than cards.

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Jotaro Kujo Vs Rubber Soul

At the beginning of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Jotaro’s gang stopped in Singapore, where Kakyoin started making weird comments and even ate a bug, and Jotaro realized something was very wrong. It wasn’t Noriaki Kakyoin, but an enemy Stand called Yellow Temperance, controlled by a man called Rubber Soul. But Yellow Temperance can do more than shape-shift, it can also spread all over the place and devour anything, and Rubber Soul was confident that this slime would act as the ultimate defense while also being the perfect tool to kill Jotaro .


The situation looked desperate when the two Stand users faced off on a cable car, but then Jotaro fled to the water below and Rubber Soul followed. Eventually, Rubber Soul had to uncover his face to breathe, and this was Jotaro’s chance to punch him and beat him to death. His opponent tried one last attack, only to have Jotaro counterattack him and send him flying.

Jotaro Kujo Vs N’Doul

This was a team battle involving Jotaro Kujo and his new canine ally, Iggy (who used a stand called The Fool). The Speedwagon Foundation, the legacy of Robert EO Speedwagon, was there and ready to help the Jotaro gang on their new adventure in Egypt, but then an enemy Stand user arrived, the vicious N’Doul.

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This deviant does not face his enemies directly, however, preferring to remotely use his water support, Geb, to attack his enemies based on sound. Geb could move quickly and harden into ice to perform slash and stab attacks, and the situation initially looked dire. But then Jotaro forced Iggy to help him, using his companion as a distraction to get much closer to distant N’Doul and take him down. However, N’Doul took his own life before Jotaro could capture him.


Jotaro Kujo Vs Dio

Once Vanilla Ice had succumbed to Polnareff, there were no enemy Stand users left, except for DIO itself. But even by the usual standards of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, this was a serious challenge. Dio’s Stande, The World, can freeze time for a few seconds, and he used this incredible power first to contain Polnareff, then kill Kakyoin during a night battle in downtown Cairo.

Joseph and Jotaro discovered Kakyoin’s latest message and took the fight to DIO against all odds. Joseph was out of combat, so Jotaro fought DIO alone, fist to fist. As for this time-freezing power, DIO could have killed Jotaro with it, but incredibly, Jotaro learned to use this power by himself moving around in DIO’s time-frozen world. This, combined with some ingenious tricks and devastating melee attacks, allowed Jotaro to turn the tables on DIO and finally defeat him. As soon as the Egyptian sun rose, the DIO crumbled to dust.