All New Weapons Of COD Warzone Added Season 2

The new weapons for season 2 of the COD Warzone are now available, and today you will see them all here in this guide.


There is a new assault rifle, SMG and sniper, as well as a crossbow and some new melee weapons. But what are and are they worth using? Let’s take a look at the new COD Warzone weapons from season 2.

New weapons from season 2 of COD Warzone

FARA 83 Assault Rifle

FARA 38 is a new assault rifle from Warzone and is, so far, a surprisingly solid addition to the line. It is available now and unlocks at level 15 of the battle pass. It is a fully automatic option with good range and, currently, the greatest damage from an assault rifle, which means that, even without any accessories, it can certainly stay in one game.

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Another battle pass weapon that you can unlock now is the LC10, a new SMG that can be yours at level 31. As an SMG, it’s probably best to compare it to MAC 10, it has slightly less damage and speed in compared to the MAC 10, but it’s still good for the class and, crucially, has more reach than the MAC 10.

ZRG 20mm Sniper

It is a bolt-on rifle with a deadly shot to the head, chest or shoulders. Obviously, the bolt means a slower rate of fire, but its use of a magazine means faster reload time and has “a faster bullet speed than any other weapon in its class”.

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R1 Shadowhunter Special

A crossbow looks like a curious choice for a new special weapon, so it will be interesting to see if that crossbow has any tricks up its sleeve when it reaches the end of season 2 of the COD Warzone.


Melee weapon E-Tool

There is not much to say about the E-Tool. It is a small shovel with which you can hit people. Described as “a military-style triple excavator normally used to dig a defensive combat stance”.

Special Machete

Another arrival in the season, Machete is an interesting special for a melee weapon. It is described as having a durable steel blade 30 centimeters long, resistant to chipping and breaking.