On May 4th Apex Legends will introduce Origins, the new season of the famous battle royale brings with it a new 3v3 Arena game mode, a different weapon than usual, and some changes to the Olympus map. Do not miss the debut of a whole new legend, his name, and Valkyrie and his particular abilities are shown to us in the following presentation trailer.

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Apex Legends: trailer of the new legend Valkyrie

Daughter of a Titan pilot, the new character is closely linked to the plot of Titanfall 2, a title developed by Respawn and set in the same narrative universe as Apex. The story of Valkyrie has wowed the audience, convincing many players to recover the single player campaign of Titanfall 2, causing an increase in players of the 737%.

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The new heroine has abandoned her career as a soldier to join the Apex Games and take out her anger on opposing legends. Introduces a new dynamic and frenetic combat system, thanks to a powerful jetpack that allows the player to attack from above. Valkyrie’s tactical skill consists of one rain of missiles hitting a small area, great for unleashing unexpected attacks and surprising enemy teams. We then come to the Ultimate which allows the legend to return to orbit – together with his team – earning the opportunity to reposition easily within the game map.


With the announcement of the new season, Respawn proves to still strongly believe in the Apex project, offering the public new game mechanics and balancing the gameplay in a compatible perspective. We look forward to May 4, the launch date of Apex Legends: Origins, to try out all the innovations introduced with the new season.

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