5 Apps for editing docx files (Word file)

Do you need alternative applications to edit your word Docx files? Today we will bring you the 5 best options for that.


Microsoft Word is not the only application that can handle Docx files. And we know how difficult it is sometimes to get a license for a paid product, so today we will bring you many options!

5 Apps for Editing Docx files (Word file)

1.Google Docs



Google Docs

It is available for Android and iPhone, in addition to being able to be used entirely on the web from your computer. It’s a free and extremely versatile option because you can use it anywhere, and through the Desktop, you don’t even have to install anything!

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2.Microsoft Office

Ms Office


The most famous option in the world, the Microsoft Office application is very complete and will allow you to edit your files on your phone without any problems. It also has a read-aloud feature, which allows for a very practical reading of the file.

3.Polaris Office

Polaris Office

This one allows you to create and edit countless file types directly from your cell phone application. The downside is that it has a lot of ads for being completely free, but it does what it sets out to do very well.


4.WPS Office

WPS Office

The WPS Office is super complete, it contains tools such as text translation, document encryption, and file compaction. The downside is that the interface is a little too polluted, as it has so much functionality that it is difficult to group them together in a clean interface.

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5.Collabora Office

Collabora Office


Another simple option to edit doc and Docx files. It does not have as many features as some listed above, but it does very well what it promises and its look can please you enough for quiet use on your cell phone.

So, did you like our application options for editing Docx files (Word file)? Comment below if there are any doubts that we will try to clarify in the best possible way!