Bakemonogatari Filler List Episodes

Bakemonogatari Filler List

A couple of stories including demons and heavenly creatures, Bakemonogatari follows Araragi as he attempts to help the people with suffering magnificent infirmities. Bakemonogatari was an anime game plan that ran from 2009 to 2010. An outright 15 scenes of Bakemonogatari were communicated. Bakemonogatari has no itemized filler.

Bakemonogatari Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Hitagi Crab, Part One Manga Canon 2009-07-03
2 Hitagi Crab, Part Two Manga Canon 2009-07-10
3 Mayoi Snail, Part One Manga Canon 2009-07-17
4 Mayoi Snail, Part Two Manga Canon 2009-07-24
5 Mayoi Snail, Part Three Manga Canon 2009-07-31
6 Suruga Monkey, Part One Manga Canon 2009-08-08
7 Suruga Monkey, Part Two Manga Canon 2009-08-21
8 Suruga Monkey, Part Three Manga Canon 2009-08-28
9 Nadeko Snake, Part One Manga Canon 2009-09-04
10 Nadeko Snake, Part Two Manga Canon 2009-09-11
11 Tsubasa Cat, Part One Manga Canon 2009-09-18
12 Tsubasa Cat, Part Two Manga Canon 2009-09-25
13 Tsubasa Cat, Part Three Manga Canon 2009-11-03
14 Tsubasa Cat, Part Four Manga Canon 2010-02-23
15 Tsubasa Cat, Part Five Manga Canon 2010-06-25
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