“This is a sandbox that DICE has always offered to players, with weapons, vehicles and environmental destructibility. And then come these crazy moments only possible in Battlefield. It all depends on the actions of the players and – as you can imagine – building a game around this superpower is part of our strategy. So all the new modes coming into the game experience are at the service of these features, which we want to have a greater impact on the player experience. “

Laura Miele looks enthusiastic, eagerly waiting to show the qualities of the new Battlefield 6. Oskar Gabrielson, general manager of DICE, also agrees that the new FPS is an ambitious and courageous title, full of epic and unexpected moments. He also adds:

“The gigantic battles will contain many more players and everything will come to life thanks to the power of PCs and next-generation consoles”

battlefield 6

The words spoken by EA and DICE reveal a genuine enthusiasm, which does nothing but raise the bar of expectations. Battlefield is one of the most loved franchises ever and many users are waiting to find out more information on the new chapter, arriving later this year on consoles and PC.

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According to recent rumors, the first Battlefield 6 teaser will be released later this week, along with a free Battle Royale mode due out in March 2022.