Best counters for Slowbro raids Pokémon GO

Slowbro is coming to Pokémon GO in its Mega Raid version on September 14th. It turns out that knowing which are the best counters of this Pokémon is essential to do well in raids against it. Now, know that in the Pokémon universe, some Pokémon are stronger than specific ones. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this post where we’ll talk about the best counters for Slowbro’s raid in Pokémon GO!


Pokémon Mega Slowbro will appear in Raids starting September 14th. During this period, Slowbro will appear in numerous Gyms out there.

Best counters for Slowbro in Pokémon GO

Below you can check out some Pokémon that are great counters for Mega Slowbro in Pokémon GO and its attacks:

  • Gengar (Mega)- Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball
  • Gyarados (Mega) – Bite/Chew
  • Houndoom (Mega) – growl/dirty play
  • darkrai – Growl/Dark Ball
  • Chandelure – Spell/Dark Ball
  • Zekrom – Attack Radius/Wild Attack
  • Electivire – Shock Thunderstorm/Wild Attack
  • Giratina (Origin) – Shadow Claw/Dark Ball
  • Ampharos (Mega) – Electric Exchange/Zap Cannon
  • Magnezone – Spark/Wild Attack
  • Thundurus (Therian) – Electrical Exchange/Thunder Shock
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