Best crypto and NFT games launched at moment (2021)

Crypto and NFT games are growing more and more and calling investors who are tired of boring action transactions and who want to be able to have fun earning money. Here we will list the best Crypto and NFT games at the moment.


Best crypto and NFT games

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity - Crypto and NFT Game
Axie Infinity – Reproduction: Axie Infinity

Axie infinity is the most famous Crypto and NFT game in the world. With a system similar to Pokémon, in it, you buy pets called Axies, which you can evolve, put to battle and collect rewards. You can even make two of your Axies have kids that can be sold on the game’s marketplace. Axie Infinity’s battle system is all card-based and your cards depend on your Axies body parts.

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2. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained – Reproduction: Gods Unchained

the trading card game Gods Unchained it’s free-to-play and you can still buy and sell as many items as you can while playing. The game has different sets of cards with different rarities that you accumulate playing. These cards are also tradable within the game market.


3. Blankos

Blankos Block Party gameplay
Blankos – Reproduction: Blankos

Blankos is a game inside a metaverse where there are different “Block Parties”, which are places built by each player. Inside the game, you buy and customize Blankos, who are playable characters within this metaverse, and you can buy and sell their clothing items, which are NFT’s.

There is also a “Blankos unboxing” system, where each Blanko’s rarity and market value is more valuable as long as you don’t open his box to use him in-game.

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4. The Sandbox

The Sandbox - Crypto and NFT game
The Sandbox – Playback: The Sandbox

Imagine a land market within a metaverse. In The Sandbox, you buy and sell land that can rise and fall in a very well-built market. You can join lots to build a bigger and more valuable one, build different things within your land, and trade lots within the Blockchain Ethereum.


With that, we complete our list of the best NFT games of the moment in 2021. What’s your favorite?