Best Weapons in the Game and How to Get Them in Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus is a game where you will want to get the best weapons to increase your in-game performance.


Although most of the customization is with the abilities and characters that are part of your team, it is also possible to acquire new weapons.

With two directly playable characters and eight available as team members, each has different weapons and upgrades. To get the best weapons in Scarlet Nexus, however, you’ll need to play the full story, collect rare items, and trade in stores.


Scarlet Nexus’ best weapons, which will help you platinum/milk, deal 70 damage — a pretty high number in this game.

How To Get The Best Scarlet Nexus Weapons

Yuito Sumeragi: Otori

Created by a legendary craftsman who dedicated his entire life to creating weapons, Otori is a katana of incredible power. With a phoenix theme, which resonates a lot with protagonist Yuito, it is the ultimate weapon.

As the ultimate upgrade for Douji Setsu Ami, Otori requires post-game access, as the Material needed to create it is only available after completing the main story.


Exchange Requirements

  • Phantom Art x1 (Complete the Main Story
  • Buddy Rummy Analysis x1 (Dropped when eliminating Buddy Rummys)
  • Douji Setsu Ami

Kasane Randall: Hitori

With a design inspired by Tiger Moths, Hitori is a throwing knife with immense destructive potential and one of the best weapons in Scarlet Nexus.

Hitori is an upgrade from the Mao Kai but, like Otori, it requires access at the end of the game. If you started the game as Yuito, you’ll need to make whole new gameplay to access it… But it’s worth it!


Exchange Requirements

  • Phantom Art x1
  • Rainy Rummy Analysis
  • Mao Kai

Shinden Ritter: Kan’nen

Combat batons of generic appearance but devastating power, the Kan’nen have their powers amplified by Shinden’s electrokinesis SAS and thus are one of the strongest weapons in Scarlet Nexus.

In addition to accessing the endgame, you’ll need to complete a specific mission to collect the materials needed to upgrade Rikugo Special Guard Rods.

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Exchange Requirements

  • Phantom Art x1 (Complete the For the Exhibition side quest post-game).
  • Rotunda Pagoda x1 (Dropped when eliminating Rotunda Pagodas))
  • Rikugo

Arashi Spring: Ayame

It’s a chainsaw. An upgrade of a chainsaw. No more comments.

As with the other more powerful secondary character weapons, you’ll need to finish the game and perform a special mission to release the necessary materials.


Exchange Requirements

  • Phantom Art x1 (Complete the Enchanted by Weapons side quest post-game).
  • Brawn Yawn Analysis x1 (Dropped when eliminating Brawn Yawns)
  • Rabbit Hug 6

Kyoka Eden: Houga

Inspired by a bee, this crossbow (the weapon) well reflects Kyoka’s peaceful but decidedly lethal nature.

You will need to complete Scarlet Nexus before getting this one, which is one of the best weapons in the game. After that, you’ll have to complete another special side quest to unlock the items needed to upgrade the Buronghorn 286 beast.

Exchange Requirements

  • Phantom Art x1 (Complete the Want to Learn More side quest post-game.)
  • Dispen Fisher Analysis x1 (Dropped when eliminating the Dispen Fisher boss)
  • Buronghorn 286

Kagero Donne: Sekiei

A lethal combination with Kagero’s ability to go invisible, this lizard dagger will aid the character’s silent and nimble attacks.

You acquire Sekiei by trading Invisible Dancer v6 and other special materials by completing the main story and one more special side quest.

Exchange Requirements

  • Phantom Art x1 (Complete the Help with a Report side quest post-game).
  • Judy Chinary Analysis (dropped when eliminating Judy Chinarys)
  • Invisible Dancer v6

Hanabi Ichijo: Kaen

This is one of the coolest weapons in Scarlet Nexus and the best thing is that it is part of the list of best weapons in the game.

She’s a blowtorch, man! And you can play “with” her and the girl with a chainsaw! Similar requirements as above, of course.

Exchange Requirements

  • Phantom Art x1 (Complete the Important Mission side quest post-game.
  • Gankin Fisher Analysis x1 (dropped when eliminating Gankin Fishers Creatures)
  • Prometheus Type 6 Torch
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Tsugumi Nazar: Enmu

While some focus on the size of the weapon, Tsugumi says it’s the way you use it that matters most. Perhaps that’s why his most powerful weapon is a MIB-style pistol. Not only in their tiny appearance, Tsugumi’s and Men in Black’s weapons are also devastating in damage.

Same scheme as the others: end the game, complete a special mission and drop an item from an enemy/boss.

Exchange Requirements

  • Phantom Art x1 (Complete the Checking the Secret side quest post-game)
  • Naomi Randall Analysis x1 (dropped by defeating boss Naomi Randall)
  • Lily Bell M20-6

Gemma Garrison: Kiseki

Still in the top 3 possible weapons, we have Gemma Garrison’s tuned English punch, all ornamented on the turtle to symbolize the equipment’s durability and strength.

Blah blah, game over, bla bla bla, minor special mission, bla bla bla special item.

Exchange Requirements

  • Phantom Art x1 (Complete the No Interference! (No Interference!) side quest post-game)
  • Coil Moil Analysis x1 (dropped when defeating the Coil Moil boss)
  • Gou Mosou Land Type

Luka Travers: Shojin

With the appearance of a simple, innocent boy and the ability to teleport, I’m sure Luka Travers impressed a lot of people when he showed up with a giant Warhammer. The elephant-themed Shojin very well reflects the character’s intelligence and raw power.

The usual.

Exchange Requirements

  • Phantom Art x1 (Complete the For the Exhibition special side quest post-game)
  • Coat Mote x1 Analysis (dropped when deleting Cote Motes)
  • Weight Hammer v6

With that, we complete the list of the best Scarlet Nexus weapons.

Recently released for Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC, Scarlet Nexus is a hack n’ slash of a new Bandai Namco IP. From the same team as Tales of Vesperia, Scarlet Nexus has the player as Yuito or Kasane, two soles with psychokinetic powers that allow them to use objects in the environment to face a mysterious force of Creatures.