Black Clover anime announces its end

The end of the Black Clover anime will come sooner than we expected. Although it will arrive with an important announcement and an event for that same day.


It seems that one of the most successful Japanese series has been reaping in Europe reaches a point now. And we already have a date for the black clover anime ending. At least for now.

It has been announced through the official website (in Japanese) of the series and through social networks. The last episode to be broadcast on Japanese television will be the one corresponding to number 170. That chapter will be broadcast on March 30. That is, it would coincide with the end of the winter season of 2021.

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By the course of events, it seems that we will see the events that lead us to the beginning of the arc in which we find ourselves. Without the intention of spoiling, we may see the new training of the protagonists and the revelation of the origins of the demon of Asta.

But lest we get too depressed, this anime ends will arrive with an important announcement that will be done that same day at 11:00 in the morning. What could this ad be? Well, it could be something similar to what happened with Kimetsu no Jaiba. That is to say, that the arc in which we find ourselves in the manga becomes a movie.

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The main problem Black Clover has right now is that the anime is about to catch the manga. There are hardly any chapters and history left to show. And it seems that rather than fill Boruto (or Naruto), they have preferred to pause.


Will the end of the manga and its story be near now that we know the identity of the demons? If so, a movie as a culmination would be great.