Is Clubhouse Coming to Android?

Mopewa Ogundipe is a developer and – according to what is learned on Twitter (and on her Clubhouse profile) – in this period she is working to develop her own Android application for the social voice.

Taking a look at the tweet we reported, we learn that – most likely – Clubhouse for Android could arrive as early as next month, after 6 weeks of work on software development. To underline the state of the art of the work, the developer herself would have thought of it. In fact, just look carefully at his tweet. On the left there is a screenshot of Mopewa’s profile on the platform with the caption “how it started” on the right, there is a screenshot of how it is currently, with another caption accompanying it, which reads “how is it going”.

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The main difference? In the first image, it says “sent from my iPhone” while in the second there is “sent from my Pixel“. This means that the Clubhouse application for Android already exists and is obviously already in the test if Mopewa was able to send messages from its Pixel.