D-Frag! Filler List Episodes

D-Frag! was an anime arrangement that ran from 2014 to 2014. In complete 12 scenes of D-Frag! were broadcasted. D-Frag! has no announced filler.


Kazama Kenji likes to accept he is something of a delinquent. Besides, others appear to get a kick out of the chance to concur that he is. Obviously, Kenji’s posse discovers their way to a gathering of four not-so-typical young ladies—Chitose, Sakura, Minami, and Roka—and at the same time, whatever standing he may have isn’t anything contrasted with the incredible conduct of the young ladies. Shanghaied into joining their club, what will befall his regular daily existence starting there on?

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D-Frag! Episode List

1Kazama’s PartyManga Canon2014-01-07
2Curse You, Fake Game Creation ClubManga Canon2014-01-14
3Fujou Academy Freedom Festival, AKA FuF FestivalManga Canon2014-01-21
4They’re the Band of 14 Devils!!Mixed Canon/Filler2014-01-28
5What?! Your Little Sister Makes Your Lunches?!Manga Canon2014-02-04
6So That Means We’re in a Love Triangle!Manga Canon2014-02-11
7That’s Dirty—!!Manga Canon2014-02-18
8I Liked the Pixels…Manga Canon2014-02-25
9That’s Right. I’m His Little SisterMixed Canon/Filler2014-03-04
10Tama-senpai, Long Time No SeeManga Canon2014-03-11
11What’s My Secret Move?Manga Canon2014-03-18
12At this Rate, You’ll Have Zero Friends for All Eternity!Manga Canon2014-03-25
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