Dr. Stone Chapter 180: Release Date, Leaks and Rumors

In chapter 179, the Kingdom of Science crafts a ropeway to compete against Stanley’s airplane. But they confront many trust problems and weight control issues in their way across another area of the Andes.


Finally, they hit the Amazon Rainforest, in which they could take pay from Stanley’s reach. It appears they are eventually working as a group, and also the former opponents are getting together with each other.

What is another obstacle that expects Senku from the Amazon Rainforest? We provide you the newest chapter upgrades with this manga.


Dr. Stone Chapter 180: Release Date, Predictions

Chapter 180 Predictions  

Senku and his buddies have finally attained the Amazon Rainforest. The wood’s enormous trees along with their canopy are going to be a pure barrier covering them in Stanley. But, Stanley is anticipated to think of a few wicked plans to draw Senku out.

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With a proficient geographer such as Chelsea on their negative makes it a lot easier for Senku’s staff to find the origin of this petrification apparatus that turned humankind into stone. We are aware that a number of the group members are former opponents, and they’re working as a group for the time being.

However, who knows what’s going to happen when they get to the petrification apparatus? Fear of a potential betrayal from Hyoga or even Xeno is there among others.


We don’t understand the key message which Xeno hauled to Stanley. This chapter will supply us with more tips on it.

Chapter 180 Release Date     

Chapter 180 of this Dr. Stone manga is going to be published on Sunday, Jan 03, 2021.

The chapter name hasn’t been discharged yet. A brand new chapter of Dr. Stone has normally published every Sunday unless the weekly program changes to Friday launch.

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Is Dr. Stone on a Break This Week?     

Dr. Stone’s manga is printed below in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Yes, chapter 180 of this Dr. Stone manga is about a break this past week. It will last in the dilemma of the Weekly Shonen Jump released on January 3, 2021.

Chapter 180 Raw Scans, Leaks        

Raw scans for chapter 180 of the Dr. Stone manga have not been released yet. They will be available by December 31, so be sure to check back.

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