Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Release Date, Read Online

It appears like that the long-fought struggle between Eartheater Moro and galaxy-renowned boxing artist part world-saver Son Goku has finished! Chapter 67 finishes with Goku moving super-Saiyan and ruining Moro’s crystal clear that saved Agent Merus’ heavenly energy.

Eventually, Goku has won!!! The danger of Moro is not any longer!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Release Date, Read Online

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Raw Scans

The chapter begins with a world that destroys, spaceships out of Freeza’s military are drifting from the heavens and through the smoke would be the joys of three amazing apes. Granola abruptly awakens, it appears that he had been dreaming about his previous.

Oatmil Claims that things are nice and they got OG73-i without difficulty and They’re not beingChased, having ruined Goichi’s boat. Actually, Goichi is observed crushed that OG73–was stolen. Granola claims the individuals who murdered his race, the more Cerealians barbaric monkeys at Freeza’s military. They appeared to have vanished out of a meteor destroying their world.

He has missed the goal of his own vengeance, therefore that he does not know Why he is still getting the dreams. The scene switches into Beerus’ world, in which Goku is viewed attempting to capture the Oracle Fish This will definitely give him a shot. Vegeta is astonished the fish could have sleep difficulties and Whis states it may occur and that generally when he can not sleep, it is an indicator of a poor omen.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Release Info

Episode 68 of this Dragon Ball Super anime was published on Monday, Jan 20, 2020, at 9:30 am PDT.