First major PS5 update will allow you to save games to external HD

Through PlayStation Blog, Sony revealed that the first major update to the PS5 will arrive this Wednesday (14), bringing as its main highlight the possibility of saving your games on external USB drives, such as hard drives and pen drives.


This feature will help players better manage the free space within the console, however, while they are stored on an external drive, games cannot be played. According to the company, the reason for this is that the PS5 titles are created precisely to take advantage of the ultra-fast loading of the SSD, that is, they can only be played if they are stored on the console.

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The good thing is that you can copy the games back to the PS5 at any time, making it quicker to install them that way than downloading them again or copying from a disc. Also, for games PS4, you will still be able to run them directly from an external hard drive.


The update will also bring news to Share Play, which can now be shared between the PS4 and PS5. So, in addition to casting your screen, you now have the option of allowing another player to test a game installed on your console. For example, if you are playing a PS5 exclusive and you invite a friend to your party, they can play the game via streaming even if they are on PS4. The feature also allows you to play cooperative games together.

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Finally, the rest of the news involves improving the Game Base, the possibility to disable the game chat or adjust the volume of the players, pre-download updates, new options to customize your library, zoom on the screen, and a new screen trophy settings and statistics.

You can check all the details ON HERE.