God of Highschool 497: Release Date, Leaks

After drifting about in search of Mira, Daewi discovered that the village direct by the saint woman.
The inaugural confrontation with Yoo Mira along with Han Daewi, which had the fans to the edge of the chairs, eventually took place together with all the nostalgic God of all Highschool contest commentating.
The heart-warming reunion together with all the union proposal out of Daewi had been a cherry at top and”[Everybody enjoyed that]”.However, the problems haven’t stopped for the primary trio, since Mori struggles with the Dragon King to get Yeouiji, and lovers expect the results of the struggle. Till then we deliver the updates on another chapter of God of all Highschool.

God of Highschool 497 Raw Scans and Spoilers

The spoilers for chapter 497 of God of Highschool have been leaked online, and they roughly translate to the following:


God of Highschool 497

Even though Mira finished off the Deer God for good, he comes back to life to cause even more mayhem at the side of Mubong Park, as he gets revived.

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The forces of evil are coming together to make their final move and unleash the extensive and vast terror upon the world as Mubong Park has managed to tame the beast and gathers the Top Hats for the march.

God of Highschool 497 Release Date

497 of the God of Highschool manhwa webtoon’s season will be available to buy from Thursday, Dec 31, 2020. It will be available to stream for free on Thursday, Jan 14, 2021.

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