How do I know if a game runs on my PC

How do I know if a game runs on my PC? It is possible to find out easily with the help of specialized tools such as the website Can I Run It?. If you don’t want to have your computer explored, you can resort to the traditional method of comparing specifications manually.


Check below how to see if your PC is weak or if it will have a good performance to run the game.

With the help of a specialized website

There are some websites that specialize in comparing your computer’s specs with the minimum requirements demanded by the main games on the market. THE Can I Run It? is one of the most popular, being able to check your machine settings automatically.


1. Open the browser of your choice and access the website Can I Run It?;

two. On the main page, you will see a search box in which you should type the name of the game, for example, the Sims 4. If the game is available in the catalog on the page, it is listed. Click on the name that appears to avoid an error in the search;

Searching if the game runs on PC on the Can I Run It website


3. Then click on the button can you run it to do the research;

4. On the next page, the minimum and ideal requirements to run the game will be displayed. To have your PC analyzed, it is necessary to download a file that allows the website to verify the technical specifications of your machine. To do this, click on the button can you run it to download the app from the website;

5. Open the executable file and keep the website page open. The program will automatically start analyzing your machine;

  • Depending on the browser, the program will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when the download finishes. It will also be available in the download list of browsers and of course in the destination folder.

6. The diagnostic time can vary from a few seconds to minutes and the result will be displayed on the website page that you kept open. It informs you if your machine has the necessary minimum requirements and also the recommended ones for the game to run smoothly.

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Other sites to find out if the game runs on PC


THE PCGameBenchmark allows you to manually enter your PC’s settings or download software that automatically analyzes the machine’s specifications. Afterward, just search for the name of the game.

Debate Game

Screenshot of Game Debate website


Despite being specialized in EA titles, the Debate Game has options from other developers. Like the tool above, it allows you to manually enter data or download an app that retrieves the information about your PC immediately. So, just search for the desired game.


Another way to know if a game will work or not on your PC is to manually compare the technical specifications of the PC with the minimum requirements demanded by the game. The solution may take a little longer than using the websites, but it is also quite simple to do.

How to find out PC specs

You can find out the technical specifications of your computer in a few ways. The simplest of them is to type the term msinfo32.exe in the Windows search box. Depending on the system version, the search tool is available in the toolbar or in the Start menu (by clicking on the Windows icon).


In the search result, click on msinfo32.exe to open. If you can’t, you may have to Execute as administrator. To view the option, just right-click on the result.

In the window System information, in the bar on the left side, click on System Summary. You can see information about the operating system (1), processor (2) and memory (3).

To check the storage, click on Storage and then in Units.

Anyway, to find out your video card model, click on Components and then in Exhibition. If your computer has a dedicated and integrated card, data about both types will be displayed.

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our guide How to view PC settings explains how to check the specs in detail under different versions of Windows. Check it out if you want more information on the subject.

If you want to make the process faster, you can use the program Speccy, from CCleaner. The free version can check your hardware and give you the information you need to see if a game is compatible with your machine.

Just download, install and click the button Run Speed. In a matter of seconds, data about the device is displayed, as shown below. As a bonus, it still informs about the temperature of the CPU and the video card.

Comparing with the minimum game requirements

Once you already have the technical specifications of your computer in hand, just check the minimum requirements necessary for the game to run on the machine. This information is often available on developers’ websites and on the platforms that host them.

On Steam, for example, the information can be found under the section About This Game. In System requirements, are the minimum and recommended requirements for using the game on PC.

In the case of FIFA 21, the following result is displayed:

An alternative is to resort to sites that gather the minimum requirements of the main games in one place. Just search by name to find what you want.

Can I Run It, PCGameBenchmark, and Game-Debate themselves offer this data? In addition to them, there is also the page Game System Requirements.

Minimum requirements vs. Recommended requirements

Minimum requirements indicate the hardware capable of running a game. However, it will have better performance, such as smoother and better graphics, if the PC meets the recommended specs.

The operating system and required disk space do not vary between a minimum and recommended requirements. RAM memory, processor, and graphics card are the components that can vary greatly from one to another.