How Long Does It Take To Finish Beyond A Steel Sky

Do you remember how long does it take to finish Beyond a Steel Sky? In the heyday of point-and-click adventure games, Revolution Software was one of the dominant game developers in the genre. Led by Charles Cecil, the company managed to produce classics such as Lure of the Temptress and Broken Sword; but perhaps its best-known title is 1994’s Beneath a Steel Sky adventure game.


At the time, the game attracted attention for its visuals inspired by comics and had the work of Dave Gibbons, from the famous Watchmen, who contributed to this mission. The title also introduced players to the City of Union and its cast of memorable characters.

It would take nearly three decades, but fans were finally able to celebrate when Beyond Steel Sky was released for PC and Apple Arcade in 2020. Now, with the game set to hit consoles this month, more fans are about to return to their post-world world. apocalyptic. So, enjoy and check it out. how long does it take to finish Beyond a Steel Sky!

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How Long Does It Take to Finish Beyond Steel Sky?

The story of Beyond a Steel Sky takes place ten years after that of Beneath a Steel Sky. But besides being inserted in the same universe and having the presence of several characteristics of the previous title, winning the first game is not a requirement to understand this one. It retains much of the humor players from the first game have come to expect, while containing full 3D character and environments visuals for the modern era. You’ll once again take control of the main character, Robert Foster, who is on a quest to find a missing child – a quest that would take him back to dystopian Union City.

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According to How Long to Beat, regular players can take up to 9 hours to reach the end of the game for the first time.

How long does it take to reach 100% of the game?

Like most graphical adventure games these days, Beyond Steel Sky has a greater focus on its storytelling than it does on puzzle solving, so you shouldn’t worry about running into too many puzzles during your play. In terms of trophies and collectibles though, the game has a total of 32 achievements. Most of them can be unlocked by merely following the storyline, but there are some that require exploration off the traditional path.


Therefore, it can take you 11 and a half hours, on average, to complete 100% of the game.