How to add links to Instagram Stories

Linking Instagram Stories allows users to access websites referred to in a post by swiping up. However, only verified accounts or accounts with more than 10k (10k) followers have access to the feature.


If that’s not your case, Codiodesk explains alternatives to add links on Instagram and promote what you want on the platform. Another option is to use the functionality on Facebook, which doesn’t require a minimum of contacts to share sites in Stories.

How to add links to Instagram Stories

For those with 10,000 followers or verified account

To place a link on Instagram Stories you must have at least 10,000 followers on the platform or have a verified account. In this second case, it is necessary to follow some criteria, such as being a famous person or brand, for example.


For those who fit into either of the two scenarios, just follow the steps below. And then, whenever you want, just ask the audience drag up to see what you want.

1. Open Instagram and tap on a camera icon in the upper left corner to access Stories;

two. Create a Story, as you usually do. Whether using an image from the gallery, making a photo or video on the spot, using filters and effects, including music, etc. It is interesting that the content is related to the website that will be shared on it;


3. When you finish creating the Story, the content editing screen will appear. Through it you can write, insert GIFs and stickers, among other features. Note that, at the top of the screen, there is an icon that refers to two chain links. Tap on it to add the link;

4. On the Add Link page, tap URL. Choose IGTV only if you want to share a video via Instagram’s video platform;

5. Now, type or paste the website address you want to publish in your Story. Finish the process in Conclude.


If you haven’t reached 10K yet, don’t be discouraged. In addition to having other options for sharing links, you can count on several tools and apps that help you gain more visibility on Instagram.

Haven’t reached 10K yet? See the best alternatives

Do as bloggers do and share the link on the Bio

Putting a link on the Bio is a good alternative to promote a website. Whether it’s a brand, a donation campaign or even a contest you’re participating in.

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Bio is nothing more than your Biography, the summary about the user, which appears at the top of the profile page.


1. Open Instagram and tap on the icon of a little figure or your profile picture in the lower right corner of the screen;

two. Now go to the button Edit profile;

3. In Web site, paste or type the URL you want to give visibility to. Complete the process at the check icon (), at the top right corner.


As people rarely access each other’s profiles, the coolest way to get them to see the shared URL is by posting in the feed and Stories. Creatively ask them to click on the link in the Bio for more information.

Share feed post links in Stories

Do you want to give more visibility to a post made on your profile or on another user’s? Then share the post link in your Stories. The process is quite simple and can be very effective in disseminating content.

It is worth noting that it is not possible to share posts in Stories from private profiles. The feature only supports posts by users with a public profile.

1. Open Instagram and go to the post you want to share in your Stories. It could be one from your profile, someone else’s, or one that appears in your feed;

two. Tap a paper airplane icon;

3. In the menu that opens, go to Add Post to Your Story;

4. The Story editing tool will open. By tapping on the publication image, you can define two types of views. With a border, in which the profile name and the beginning of the publication text appear; or no border, just with the profile picture and @;

5. Make any edits you deem necessary, such as including text, changing the background color, inserting images, and more. Afterward, complete the publication in Your Story.

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Thus, a link is created in Story. Your followers will be redirected to the original post by tapping on the image. Thus, they will be able to see the video or photo and the complete content of the publication.

Share the link on Facebook Stories

Unlike Instagram, Facebook allows any user with an active account to link to Stories. So, if you have a profile, commercial or not, on the social network and want to promote a website or product, see how simple it is.

1. First, copy the link address you want to post to Facebook Stories;

  • Access the website using your favorite browser and tap the address bar. If using Chrome, the icon of two rectangles will appear, tap on it to copy the link.

two. Open Facebook and tap Add to Story to create the publication;

3. In the Create Story tool, go to the option Text;

4. Now paste in the link address. To do this, tap the screen and hold it for a few seconds. The option will appear To paste. Tap on it;

5. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to make the address read by Facebook and turn into a link;

6. We suggest that you include some text content to supplement. To do this, delete the pasted address, compose the text call and tap Advance. If you only want to publish the link, go to Advance;

  • Remember that the link “pulls” the image used by the site.

7. Finish posting in Share on Story.

How to publish multiple links in one link


I would like to share several links, but space on Facebook’s Bio or Story is limited? Know that it is possible to use tools that generate a page capable of redirecting to different URLs.

One of the best known is the linktree. The user can create an account for free on the service, choose its URL and include the links you want to include on the page. Afterward, all you have to do is disclose the link created by Linktree and your followers will be able to choose which one or which to access.