How to add Read Receipt in Outlook

As one of the most popular email services in the world, Outlook has some features that are not used very often by users. This is the case of the read confirmation option, which is used to know if your e-mail was read by the recipient.


So if you want to know how to activate this option, follow the guide we have prepared below:

  1. In your computer’s Outlook application go to the file menu in the upper left corner and select “Options”;
  2. Then click on “Email” and find the category called “Follow-up” or “Tracking”;
  3. In this category, you can choose whether you want to activate delivery confirmation and read confirmation. You can also choose whether you want the confirmation to take place for all emails or just the ones you want;
  4. Ready! Now just click on Ok and the option will have already been activated.
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Another important tip is about the option of how to respond to the read-receipt request.

  1. To change the default mode go to “Settings” and then “Show all Outlook settings”.
  2. Click on “Message Handling” and choose whether or not you want to send a reply to the read-receipt request.