How to change the main game menu wallpaper in CS:GO

In the CS: GO the main menu, you can change that wallpaper to a random map that appears behind your character. However, doing this is not so simple, especially if you want to leave a custom image or video there. So we at CodioDesk have decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to change the CS: GO main menu wallpaper!


How to change the CS:GO main menu wallpaper

If you’re wondering how to change your background, the first thing you need to know is that this is something passive of a VAC ban, however, we recommend that you make sure that this is really against in-game policies or not.

This raises doubts, as you need to change some game files to play a custom video as your game’s background.


Changing the background

The first thing you should do is find a video that will serve as your background. The video format doesn’t matter, you still have to convert it.

Once you have the video you want to use you will have to convert it to “WebM” format, this can be done with various converters like “WebMConverter”, some are paid and some are free, but the choice is yours. When you find what you want to use, just select the video file and convert it to the mentioned format.

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It is important that the chosen video resolution is 1280 × 720 for the output file, set the bitrate to 20,000 and enable high-quality mode.


After the above process you will have to go to your Steam library > right click on CS:GO > go to Manage > Search Local Files > go to “csgo” > “panorama” > “videos”.

The process

In case you don’t know which background videos can be used, you will have to access the game > go to Settings > Video > Background in the main menu, and here you will find the available backgrounds in the game. Then exit the game and go to your local game files > search for a video that is currently in use, Cobblestone for example. It’s in the archives, copy the 720p name of that video and rename your own video to that one.

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For the next step, drag and drop your own video into game files with the same name as the video that was previously in those files and, if prompted, replace the file in the destination to complete the process.


It is important that you select the name of the chosen map (in this post’s example, Cobblestone) as the background in the game or any other scenery video you have replaced. Also, it’s also important that it’s the 720 videos you’re replacing.

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