How to Check your iPhone battery health

If you suspect that your iPhone battery health may be compromised, be aware that you can verify this information! That’s because as of iOS 11, apple now provides real-time information about your device’s battery and how its current state can affect its performance.


Now, we know that the iPhone is famous for having a battery that discharges too quickly, but that may not be the fault of the device, but its battery may be compromised. That said, let’s get down to business!

How to know your iPhone battery health

Doing this is pretty simple, just go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. There, you’ll see a screen that tells you the maximum charge capacity your battery supports compared to when the device was new.

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If your battery’s maximum capacity is less than 100%, it means it doesn’t work as well as when it was new. So, we can conclude that if you notice that your iPhone is discharging too fast, that’s probably why!

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