How to download and install the couple mod in Among Us

The Among Us community has created a mod called Love Couple, which basically makes a pair of players a couple in the match! And considering that mods are extremely popular in this game, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where you’ll learn how to play this couple mod in Among Us!


How to download and install Love Couple mod on Among Us

To use this mod, you will need to download the mod, in addition to the BepInEx program that allows mods to run on the Unity engine. There are a few steps involved to ensure the game works and doesn’t interfere with the original Among Us files. All players in a match must follow the same process to download and use the mod to play together. See how to install and play the Love Couple mod in Among Us.

How to install and play the Love Couple mod in Among Us

To install BepInEx, follow the steps below:

  • Download the version of BepInEx that adapts to your PC’s operating system (32 or 64 bits).
  • Open the root folder of Among Us. On Steam, players can open their Library, right-click Among Us and choose Manage> Browse Local Files.
  • Extract the contents of the BepInEx zipped folder into the Among Us folder.
  • Launch the game to allow BepInEx to set configuration files.
  • Exit Among US.
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Now, to install the couple mod on Among Us, follow these steps:

  • Download the latest version of the Among Us couple mod on GitHub or not Forge course.
  • Open the root folder of Among Us.
  • Copy the entire root folder of the game to the same location as the original root folder and give the new folder a name (eg “Among Us mod couple”). The file path for this new folder should appear as Steam / steamapps / common / Among Us Love Couple Mod. Do not delete the original game root folder.
  • Extract the contents of the newly downloaded mod zipped folder to the new root folder (the one you created).
  • Open the root folder you created and run the game using Among Us.exe.
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How the mod works

In the Among Us couple mod, two players will be chosen randomly at the start of the match, as usual. There is about a 66.66% chance of both lovers being a crew member and a 33.33% chance that one of them is a crew member and the other is the Imposter.

The couple does not know their partner’s identity, but can still communicate with him. Both must remain alive until there are only three players left in the game: the two and one other crew member or Imposter. At that point, the game will end and the couple will win. Lovers will need to avoid the suspicion of the crew and the imposter sabotage to stay alive for so long and emerge victorious.