How to Farm Water Glands in Monster Hunter Stories 2

In Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, virtually all monsters drop items for building equipment and armor, such as water glands. The most important thing about this mechanic is that these items are irreplaceable. That is, both to create the equipment and to improve them, you will need similar items. Because of this, it’s great to always know where to find (and how to farm) your needed items.


As in the above example, water glands are commonly used to improve items created from water monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to Find and Farm Water Glands in Monster Hunter Stories 2

The Royal Ludroth is a monster that resembles a marine iguana with a lion’s mane. He is usually accompanied by two smaller Ludroth, but they are seen with some frequency on the banks of the river Alcala.

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This location is the first place players will be able to encounter this monster in Monster Hunter Stories 2, and defeating them could eventually cause them to drop the water glands.

Every fight against a Royal Ludroth will feature two smaller Ludroths, resulting in 3×2 or 3×4 matches, depending on the player’s evolution at the time of the match.

The biggest threat in these fights is the Royal Ludroth. He mainly attacks with Power type moves. That is, the best thing is that you are prepared with some monster with moves like Speed. In MHS2, Speed ​​beats Power.


Another tip is to win as best you can by getting the S rank of combat. That’s because this rank makes players earn more rewards per battle. This way you will increase your chances of finding water glands in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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