How to find a rocket team leader in Pokémon Go

In Pokémon Go, we occasionally receive assignments to find, battle or defeat the leaders of the rocket team. The only problem is that there is no direct explanation of how to find one. In the guide below, we explain the general process and some additional tips for finding specific leaders.


Pokémon Go – How to find a rocket team leader

How to find Arlo, Sierra and Cliff

The three leaders you will see most often are Arlo, Sierra and Cliff. Fortunately, finding these villains is simple and can usually be done in a short amount of time. See how:

  1. Defeat the Six Team Rocket Grunts to get Mysterious Components. Grunts are easily found across the map protecting PokéStops. You can tell which PokéStops have a Grunt protecting them, even when you’re not close enough to spin it. PokéStops with Grunts are shaded darker near the top of the icon on the map, and the square at the top of the icon moves erratically. To defeat a Grunt, simply approach the PokéStop and rotate it, then the Grunt will appear. Face them with your three strongest Pokémon.
  2. Use the mysterious components to make a rocket radar. Rocket radars are special objects that scan the map around you and reveal the GO Rocket Team’s hiding places where the leaders are hiding. When you press the icon on the user interface, it scans. If there are no hiding places nearby, your team leader will tell you to look elsewhere. Alternatively: When you have a rocket radar, the next GO team rocket balloon that hovers over you will always have a leader ready for battle. Still, it is much quicker to go to a PokéStop instead of waiting for a Rocket Balloon Team GO.
  3. Go to the PokéStops revealed by the Rocket Radar. This will always be a team leader. Each PokéStop will be a different leader, so if the one you encounter is not what you are looking for, don’t fight them! Instead, go to another hiding place to see if the next one has the leader you want to battle. After fighting a leader, the radar is used and you will have to fight six more Grunts to get another one.
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How to find Giovanni

Giovanni is the head of Team Rocket. As such, it is more difficult to find than the other three. One important thing to note is that it will not be available until you complete the special line of research entitled A worrying situation. After finishing the questline, you will be able to find and use Super Rocket Radars to find him in the same way that Rocket Radars find the other three leaders.


Launched in 2016, Pokémon GO is a mobile game available for free to Android and iOS that was responsible for the explosion that brought Pokémon to one of the most talked-about subjects of its time. The game that brought thousands more fans to the franchise Pokémon remains very popular today among a diverse audience when it comes to age. After all, the game is played by children, youth and adults.

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