Find the serial number in AirTag

At the time of this writing, the latest software for AirTag is version 1.0.255. It is still unclear how to update the GPS tracker software. With other accessories like AirPods, The paired iPhone can periodically wirelessly transmit the new firmware via the Bluetooth connection. We still don’t know if the same goes for this gadget.

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How to find out the software version

If you want to find out what software is currently installed for an AirTag you own, it’s that simple. In the app Where is it, select the accessory from the list on the tab Elements. Then tap the battery life indicator in the slide panel. Tapping the battery indicator activates a new view showing the serial number and software version accessory. Press again to return to the latest update of the time and battery life status.


If you want to find out the serial number of an AirTag that isn’t yours, there are two simple ways to do it. If you have an NFC compatible iPhone or Android device, simply hold the gadget close to your phone’s NFC scanner. This will launch an Apple website that includes the AirTag serial number and contact information if the owner has put the AirTag in Lost Mode.

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The serial number of the AirTag is also physically printed on the device itself, so you can still find the information without being associated in the app Where is it. To do this, press on the stainless steel back of the AirTag and turn it counterclockwise to remove the back cover. Now, remove the battery to reveal the AirTag serial number and other model identifiers and FCC information.