How to fix the Queue Disabled error in Valorant

Many Valorant players are experiencing an error that claims the game queue is disabled. So we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to fix this problem!


How to fix Queue Disabled error in Valorant

To fix this error, the first thing you should do is exit the game and restart the Riot client. Now, if that doesn’t solve the problem, we recommend that you check that your Valorant doesn’t need to be updated. If you need to, update it!

  • Another thing you can do is check your internet connection, and if possible, restart your connection.
  • Also, start Valorant as an administrator to see if this fixes the problem.
  • Finally, make sure the game servers are working as they should. After all, the queuing disabled error in Valorant could be caused by a problem with the servers. And if that’s the case, there’s not much you can do but wait for Riot to fix the problem.
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Valorant is the Competitive FPS of Riot Games. The game aims to bring fans of League of Legends and other shooting games alike to a completely new experience.