How to get all summons in Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster

In Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster, getting all the summons can be a task considered impossible by many players. After all, doing this is not easy. But on the other hand, getting all of them will help you a lot in the game. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to get all Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster summons!


How to get all Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster summons

There are 15 summons available in Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster (disregarding Whyt, which is exclusive to the DS version of the game). Below you can check all the game’s invocations and their acquisition methods:

InvocationPM costattack descriptionMethod
Chocobo7Attack an enemy.Automatic
Shiva30Deals ice damage to all enemies.Automatic
Ramuh30Deals lightning damage to all enemies.Automatic
Ifrit30Deals fire damage to all enemies.Automatic
Titan40Damages all enemies.Automatic
Mist Dragon20Deals damage to an enemy based on Rydia’s health.Automatic
asura50Causes Curaga, Protect, or Health effects on the entire party.Secondary Mission
Leviathan50Deals heavy damage to all enemies.Secondary Mission
sylph25Damages an enemy and heals the party.Secondary Mission
Odin45Try to instantly kill all enemies.Secondary Mission
Bahamut60Deals heavy damage to all enemies.Secondary Mission
goblin1Attack an enemy.Rare Drop
cockatrice15Petrify an enemy.Rare Drop
bomb10Deals damage equivalent to Rydia’s current HP to an enemy.Rare Drop
mindflayer18Inflicts Sap or Paralysis on an enemy.Rare Drop

Now, check out how to get these invocations:


Asura and Leviathan

After upgrading the Falcon, you will be able to travel over the lava of the Underworld and enter the Land of Summons. In the Library’s basement, you’ll find Asura and Leviathan next to each other. In order to acquire them for Rydia, you must defeat them in battle, starting with Asura.

How to defeat Asura

The strategy for defeating Asura is not too complicated.

  • She will constantly use healing spells on herself, so neutralize this strategy by casting Reflect on her. Your healing spells will bounce off your party members.
  • She also uses powerful physical attacks, so Protect is a good command.
  • If you want to target Asura with offensive spells with Rydia (or FuSoYa if you have him in your party), use Reflect on one of the toughest members of your party (preferably Cecil) and repel their spells. They will ignore Asura’s Reflect and deal regular damage.
  • Continue with the damage and heal with Rosa and you should come out victorious very quickly. However, be careful not to direct healing to the entire group if you have someone with Reflect!

How to defeat Leviathan

After defeating Asura, go to the inn to heal and return to face Leviathan. He is only a little harder than Asura, but will require a little more brute strength.

  • This watery summoning is too weak for lightning, so Rydia should use Thundagas if you already have this spell. Otherwise, Ramuh or Thundara will still make a big difference to your HP – just like Edge’s Blitz.
  • Rose was supposed to be on healing duty mostly, but using Slow on Leviathan and Shell for everyone else wouldn’t be wrong either.
  • Cecil and Kain are content to defeat Leviathan with their weapons, though Kain may wish to Jump whenever Leviathan transitions to his alternate sprite which signals a major Tidal Wave attack to avoid him.
    • Be ready with Rose’s best healing spells to counter the damage of the Tsunami.
  • If you continue to exploit this enemy’s lightning weakness, the Leviathan shouldn’t take long to be defeated.
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The quest to acquire the Sylph Summon is rare and does not involve a boss battle. To complete it, you need access to the airship upgrade that allows you to travel between the Upperworld and the Lowerworld freely.

  • Go to the northwest corner of the Underworld and enter the Sylph Caves there. Make your way through the short dungeon (which is full of nasty enemies and floors that deal damage, so stay tuned) until you reach a small house. Inside, you’ll find some Sylphs and an unconscious Yang. Try talking to him, fail and then leave.
  • Go to Fabul in the upper world and go up the tower on the left – here you will find Yang’s wife, who will graciously present you with a frying pan. Now make the long journey back to the Sylphs’ house and use the Frying Pan on Yang. After a short sequel, Rydia will learn to summon Sylph!
  • If you go back to Yang’s wife in Fabul, she’ll give you the knife – the strongest item ever released in the game for Edge.


You can perform this quest only after acquiring Leviathan. Go to Baron and go to the tower on the right side (in front of the tower with Cecil’s room). In the basement of this tower you will find the late King of the Baron, who is the incarnation of Odin in this game.

To get Odin, you must defeat him in battle.

  • This fight is not very complicated once you understand what you need to do. Timing is of the essence, as Odin will periodically raise his sword in the air – this means he is about to use Zantetsuken and prematurely end the battle with the death of his entire party.
  • To stop this attack, you must hit him for lightning damage. The easiest ways to do this are with Rydia’s Thunder spells or Edge’s Blitz attack. Alternatively, you can equip Edge with Thunder Claws and have him attack normally, which is even faster.
  • Make Rosa use Haste and Rage on her physical attackers and maintain the lightning barrage with Rydia and you’ll soon defeat the king. After her victory, Rydia will learn to summon Odin.


Like Odin, you must have acquired Leviathan before facing Bahamut.

This invocation can be found on the Moon at the end of the game, residing inside your lair, which is found to the southeast of the map within a large circle of mountains. After a short dungeon full of Behemoth mini-bosses, you can finally fight Bahamut and claim the strongest summoning for yourself.

  • Bahamut has a strategy, which is to count down from five until he can blast you with Megaflare. This attack will do absurdly huge damage, so you desperately want to avoid it.
    • To do this, just launch Reflect! He will return the Megaflare to Bahamut and you will remain alive. Rosa must keep Reflecting on herself at all times and prioritize casting it on the party members that do the most damage.
    • It’s likely to be Rydia (who can hit the damage limit with her Flare spell if you’ve leveled up) and FuSoYa (which can also be protected with Reflect if you face Bahamut while he’s still in the party).
  • If you managed to find Artemis’s Arrows, you might want to equip them on Cecil and have him use his best bow. These arrows deal extra damage against Dragon enemies and Bahamut will be extremely susceptible to them.
    • You can also put them on Rosa, but she’s probably too busy casting Reflect.
  • Slowdown is also useful to cast on Bahamut as it will prolong your countdowns.
  • If you’re strong enough, it’s perfectly possible to defeat him before he gains even a Megaflare.
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Where to farm invocations

There are four summons in the game that are learned from items that fall from enemies. These are Goblin, Cockatrice, Bomb and Mindflayer. While they aren’t strong or terribly useful, you’ll want these summons if you’re an achievement hunter or if you want to complete game.


The problem is that these items rarely drop from enemies and are the bane of many players throughout the game’s history. Fortunately, Square Enix has made the drop rate a little higher in the Pixel Remaster version, but it’s still too low and the process to get them can be hard work.

Fortunately, there is a way to streamline the process for three of the summons! You can use the Siren item to instantly start an encounter at your current location. It used to be the case that players had to grow these items and use Fat Chocobo to store them as much as possible, but Square Enix was again very nice to the completists and added Sirens to the Namingway store found on the Moon.

  • To obtain the Goblin, simply defeat the Goblins found in the Upper World outside Baron. Using a siren will force an encounter with six goblins at once for the best chance to summon, but you’ll fight a lot of goblins even without the item.
  • To get Cockatrice, you can use sirens in the upper world outside Mysidia. Using sirens will guarantee encounters with them, but you may not need them thanks to the large number of Cockatrice enemies found there.
  • If you decide to farm the Goblin Summon without sirens and out of Baron, there’s a good chance you’ll run into Helldivers every now and then. They can also drop the Cockatrice item so you can kill two birds with one stone!
  • To get Mindflayers, go to the first level of the Magnetic Cave just north of Troy. With the Dark Elf defeated, there will be no magnetic field and you can equip whatever you like. This method benefits the most from the use of sirens, as they guarantee an encounter with two Mindflayers, whereas just running to look for them would take forever.
  • There is no way to use the sirens to farm for the summoning of the bomb. As a result, one of the best places to farm this summoning is to fight in random encounters in the East Passage found on the moon. You are looking for enemies called Black Grenade, as they can drop the necessary item.

It may not be necessary to use these farm-specific locations for invocation. The table below details each enemy capable of dropping summoning items, along with their Bestiary numbers.


After acquiring the summoning item you are looking for, simply use it from the inventory to teach Rydia how to summon it.