How to get Excalibur in Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster

As with other titles in the Square Enix franchise, the Excalibur is also in Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster. However, acquiring the blade in this game requires a multi-step Quest quest, but it is worth completing.

In Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster, an Excalibur grants Cecil an incredible 160 Attack and 10 Strength, making it one of the best items in the entire game. The game is still easy, of course, but this weapon can make battles end much faster. So, make a little effort to get it!

Excalibur’s Secondary Mission in Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster

This side quest has three stages and can be completed once you upgrade your aircraft to attach your Hovercraft to it. There are three steps you must follow:

  1. Get the Rat Tail in the Land of Summons.
  2. Swap Rat Tail for Adamantite.
  3. Use Adamantite to make Excalibur.

How to Get Rat Tail

The Rat Tail is a key item that can be found in the Land of Summons. This location can be accessed once you have an aircraft capable of travelling under the lava of the Underworld.

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While exploring this settlement, you’ll find a chest that can only be accessed by stepping on a teleporter. Then immediately teleport back and then move down towards him. This chest has the Rat Tail inside it.

How to get Adamantite

To get Adamantite, you must trade Rat Tail with a collector. This can be done once your airship is upgraded to be able to attach Hovercraft to it. Take the Hovercraft to the island that has the city of Mythril, then travel through the shoals to the nearby cave.

Inside, you’ll find the Collector, who will be happy to exchange the Rat Tail for a piece of Adamantite.

How to get Excalibur

Now that you have Adamantite, go back to the Underworld and travel to the small house in the southeast of the map. This is Kokkol’s smithy.

Go up the stairs inside this house and talk to Kokkol, who is in your bed. He will ask for Adamantite – give it to him and he will forge the Excalibur for you!