How to get more food in the Rust

Rust is an extremely challenging survival game, and knowing how to get food will help you a lot during your journey through the game. Today’s guide will teach you how to get enough food quickly on Rust.


As in real life, food in the game is also a vital resource to be able to live, obtain increases and bonuses, which will improve your performance during the game, in addition to helping you survive longer in this hostile environment.

How to get more food on the Rust

If you don’t eat, you will starve and die, so finding food is important. There are several ways to satisfy your hunger:

  • Pick up corn, pumpkins and mushrooms.
  • Harvest desert cactus to obtain cactus meat.
  • Find small food containers near monuments and mines.
  • Kill animals with a weapon (bow / spear) and roast their meat over a fire. Try to avoid eating raw meat.
  • Kill other humans and roast their meat. Note that this will dehydrate you heavily.
  • Catch fish with a fishing trap.
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These are the most basic and quick ways to get food on Rust. Picking corn and pumpkins or finding them in food containers on the map is usually the quickest way to get some food.