How to get Rank S in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Achieving an S rank in combat in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is the key to earning more and more rare rewards. And best of all, it’s not that complicated. With this guide, you will quickly learn how to improve your fight results.


Fight Ranks are determined by the number of points a player earns during the fight. 500 points in the fight and you will get the S Rank in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Although the combat of MHS2 is not very complex, there is a whole dynamic of “rock-paper-scissors” when deciding on attacks. Players will need familiarity with all Monsters and may have to fight multiple times with the same opponent to secure an S Rank in all (or most) fights.


It can be tricky to know how a monster will fight the first time you meet them in the game. Not necessarily a big Monster will use Power type attacks, nor will smaller ones always use Speed ​​type attacks. And only programmers know who can and cannot use Technical-type attacks.

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How to Get S Rank in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Meet Monsters and Attacks

The number one tip to get S Rank in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is to know the monsters and the types of attacks they use. Also the attacks they use when they are enraged. The idea is to have a monster that has counterattacks against both opponents’ attack modes.

If the monster isn’t the right one, just switch to a better one, as replacements don’t cost a turn. Whichever the attacker is, be it the main character or the monster, they must use the synchronized attack.


Winning the Head-To-Head clash with Synchronized Attack will give you 100 points straight away for the fight. And it will also prevent the opponent’s attack, increasing the chances of finishing the fight with 75 extra points.


Kinship Finishers are when the player is on top of the monster when the Kinship Gauge is full and this attack finishes the opponent. In addition to the affinity finisher, the extra reward is given for being mounted on the monster during combat. That’s another 150 extra points.

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If the Affinity meter is not full, go for a Dual Finish (Duo-Finish) for 75 points.


Skill Attacks

The score improves whenever Skill attacks are used. Especially if battles start to linger. The more turns in the battle, the fewer points you will earn in the game’s time reward.

Two turns using skill attacks with the monster and the player are 200 points.

Break quickly

After attacking an opponent, players will know whether the attack (cut, pierce or explosion) was effective or not to break the monsters’ parts. Knowing this is important to use attacks that break parts quickly, as there is a 25 point reward.


Also, breaking a part of the monster will bring it down, granting a critical hit for each member of the attacking team. That is, it will help to defeat the monster faster.

What’s more, first-round victories give 500 points straight to the player, but these opportunities become increasingly scarce as the game progresses.