How to get the best weapons for Yuito Scarlet Nexus

Although the characters are tied to only one type of weapon in Scarlet Nexus, it is possible to find different versions throughout the game. And, as one of the main characters, Yuito has a wide variety of weapons available. With this guide, you can find the best weapons for Yuito in Scarlet Nexus.


Many enemies and challenges will be presented in the game. The player will need to use different strategies, between normal moves, moves with SAS and psychokinetic skills to venture through the game.

And the equipment that players use is a very important part of this combat. Yuito, for example, will have access to different types of katanas during the game. And here you will find the best ones and how to find them.


How to get the best weapons for Yuito in Scarlet Nexus

Almost all weapons in the game are purchased from stores, either using in-game currency or through trading. Most of the time, the player will find the trade items naturally during the course of the game. It’s even possible to upgrade these weapons with shop swaps, which will increase their power considerably.

Tsunetsugu Juzumaru

One of the first weapons players will receive and realistically be able to use until the end of the game. Upon obtaining it, players will encounter an Attack of 47 – much higher than the weapons previously obtained. It costs 2000 Kin at the Satori store. Or you can exchange it for the following items:

  • Kunitsuna onimaru: Previous weapon that needs upgrading before switching;
  • Pool Type Suppression: item that drops quite often when defeating Pool-type enemies, which can be found anywhere in the game. But mainly in Mizuhagawa District, where Scummy Pools can be defeated.
  • Battle Record B: This is a rare item that will likely take some time to drop. You will need to defeat enemies like Fuel Pool, Scummy Pendus, Scummy Rummys and Vase Paws. Luckily, you can find most of them in Kikuchiba.
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Once the player has the Tsunetsugu Juzumaru, it is possible to improve it with the following exchange:

  • Tsunetsugu Juzumaru: it is necessary to change the weapon to improve it;
  • Pool Type Suppression: item that drops when defeating Pool type enemies.
  • Battle Record B.

Mitsuyo Otent

Another weapon more powerful in its first form than improved ones, Mitsuyo Otenta is the next step after the Tsunetsugu Juzumaru. Both are one of Yuito’s best weapons in Scarlet Nexus. With an attack of 53, this weapon can still be upgraded to 56. This weapon cannot be purchased with cash.

  • Improved Tsunetsugu Juzumaru;
  • Pound Suppression: an item that drops when defeating Missin Pound and Cushion Pound. These enemies are found in the SLRF and in the Museum Ruins;
  • Battle Record B.
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To improve Wisteria Maiden, you will need to offer in return:

  • Mitsuyo Otenta;
  • Paw Type Suppression: an item that drops when defeating Saw Paws and Base Paws, found in Old OSF Hospital and in Old Wing;
  • Battle Record B.


Finally, the best weapon for Yuito is also one of the best weapons in all of Scarlet Nexus. But you pay the price for 70 attack points: it cannot be improved and can only be obtained after finishing the game’s story. This is because it takes a rare item that can only be obtained this way. To get it, you will need to exchange:

  • Yasutsuna Dojigirl Improved: a powerful weapon, this is the last weapon obtainable in the shop before Otori. It will need to be improved.
  • Phantom Art by Otori: Upon completing Yuito’s story, the player will receive this item. This item is unique and is only obtainable that way.
  • Buddy Rummy Analysis: One of the rarest item types in the game, Analyzes only drop from the specific enemy associated with it. The only way is to defeat this enemy until you are blessed by the RNG gods. Buddy Rummmys can be found in Mizuhagawa District and Construction Site.