How to get the number of the Little Bee in Twelve Minutes

The little bee is the daughter of the cop in Twelve Minutes and an essential part of the story, as you’ll need to get her number to complete the game, so today we’re going to teach you how to do that.


How to get the number of the Little Bee Twelve Minutes

First, you need to knock out your wife. Give her the mug of water with sleeping pills at the dinner table. After a moment, she will state that she is suddenly tired and needs to go to bed. She will then go into the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed unconscious. You’ll need to get the two coffee mugs to make sure she doesn’t get a glass of water.

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The next part you can do before or after you knock out your wife. Just turn on the bedroom light and it will flash. Turn off the light. Now, the next person who calls you will get a huge shock. From here, hide in the closet and there will be a time jump to when the cop arrives.


The officer will enter the apartment and proceed to the bedroom. He’ll turn on the light, get electrocuted and fall to the ground. Come out of the closet and grab the cop’s belongings, handcuffing him in the process. Go to your phone to see your daughter’s text messages, Little Bee. Call his daughter, who will either hang up abruptly or not answer. This is good because it allows you to memorize her number and call her from your wife’s phone, which will be important in completing Twelve Minutes.

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