How to heal units in the Humankind

In Humankind, you’ll want to keep your units alive, which means you’ll need to heal them. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to heal units in Humankind.


How to heal units in Humankind

For simplicity’s sake, units will automatically heal at a rate of 20 Health per turn when in Provided status. This status is granted if the unit is positioned in friendly Territory, and a beginning player must look at the area near their first Outpost and City in Humankind. In fact, establishing one of these settlements puts the player in control of the Territory he’s placed in, and his units will be able to heal there.

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This requirement to gain the status of Furnished means that players may need to backtrack heavily with their injured units in the early stages of the game. However, as players progress, they tend to form alliances and take control of new territories, providing them with more suitable healing locations. In fact, at a time when a player is increasing city capacity in the game and actually expanding their empires, there must be many areas where they can heal their units.



Humankind players can instruct units to remain in position until they are at full health by selecting them and choosing the Regroup option. This option appears on the right side of the unit’s expanded information panel and represents a heart. If a player finds that the Regroup button is grayed out and cannot be interacted with, it means they are not in a healing location and will need to move the unit to friendly Territory.

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