How to improve modular vehicles in Rust

One of the many activities that we can do in Rust is to improve modular vehicles. Today’s guide will teach you everything you need to know about it and how to improve it.

Modular vehicles are those vehicles that are abandoned in many places that can be occupied by anyone, needing to be repaired, even modified in this wild world that is presented to us in this game.

How to improve modular vehicles in Rust

The first job we will do on these vehicles is to repair the engine, requiring 1 carburetor, 2 pistons, 1 crankshaft, 2 spark plugs and 2 valves. We can achieve these components by manufacturing or looting at vehicle-related locations, such as gas stations and garages.

After putting this vehicle in motion, we can modify it, but it is not possible to do it if it is on the ground. Which will lead us to look for a vehicular elevator or to manufacture it manually, having the level 2 bench and having as components 10 high quality metals, 3 gears, 1000 metal fragments ex 125 scrap.

now we are going to assemble it by placing it in a 6 by 3 location to have easy access to the vehicle and that can be connected to the chain, the modular parts can be adjusted by approaching the vehicle and activating our elevator.