How to Increase Your Storage Space New World

To have a good space for storage in New World can be quite helpful. As you may already know, Amazon’s MMORPG has a strong focus on manufacturing, so you’ll need to store your craft supplies, equipment, and miscellaneous products with care. Because the best equipment requires an immense amount of time and resources, you’ll want to have as much storage space as possible. storage in New World.

Hence, it is important that you take some steps to increase your inventory space. The sooner you work on it, the better your gaming experience will be. With that in mind, we made a guide on how you can improve your storage in New World. Come on?

All about New World Storage

As we mentioned, you will know more about storage in New World and how to increase that space. Therefore, this guide has the following topics:

  • How to Increase Storage Space
  • Purses and Bags
  • Storage Chests
  • Dismissal Card
  • Trading Post

How to Increase Storage Space

There are four main ways to increase your space. storage in New World. Are they:

  1. Equip your character with bags;
  2. Create storage chests around your home;
  3. Get the “Storage Territory Standing” reward;
  4. Leave your items at a factory.

Importantly, refining raw materials and creating new items are also ways to reduce the weight of items in your pantry. Just keep in mind what items you are using, as some resources (especially iron ore) are often used in late game elaborations.

Purses and Bags

  • Storage increase: +150 per bag

The only way to increase your character’s inventory is to equip bags and/or bags. These items go to a specific location, dedicated to the bags, within your inventory. At level 45, you can equip up to three bags at a time. The grants will grant 150-410 storage on their own, although this number can be further increased through perks.

All Bags and Bags

In New World, you’ll be able to create and equip 9 different bags, with a variable storage boost. Each equipment’s score also determines how much it can carry; Higher scores are able to carry more items.

handbag Storage (Min-Max) Level
Worn Traveler’s Satchel 50 two
Coarse Lether Adventurer’s Satchel 100-120 two
Coarse Leather Porter’s Duffel 125-145 two
Rugged Leather Adventurer’s Satchel 150-180 3
Rugged Leather Porter’s Duffel 175-205 3
Layered Leather Adventurer’s Satchel 225-265 4
Layered Leather Porter’s Duffel 250-290 4
Gator Leather Satchel 255 4
Infused Leather Adventurer’s Satchel 300-360 5
Infused Leather Porter’s Duffel 350-410 5


Just like all equipment, bags can come with a variety of perks that increase your ability to store items. See below.

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Advantage Description
Alchemist’s Burden Reduces the weight of alchemy reagents, potions and sickles by 5-10%
Extra Pockets You can carry 50-95 more weight.
Gourmand’s Burden Reduces the weight of cooked food by 5-10%
Lumberjack’s Burden Reduces the weight of wood and cutting axes by 5-10%
Mercenary’s Burden Reduces the weight of weapons and ammunition by 5-10%
Prospector’s Burden Reduces weight of ores, ingots and picks by 5-10%
Quarryman’s Burden Reduces the weight of stones, blocks, gems and pickaxes by 5-10%
Quartermaster’s Burden Reduces armor weight by 5-10%
Tanner’s Burden Reduces the weight of rawhide, leather and skinning knives by 5-10%
Weaver’s Burden Reduces weight of fiber, fabric and sickles by 5-10%

Storage Chests

  • Storage increase: up to 525 per chest

Any house you own can store a certain amount of chests, which increases your shed’s weight limit. Your home’s level also determines how many storage chests you can create; with a T4 house, for example, you can put up to 5 storage chests. Just like the bags, these storage chests get better with time.

Chest Storage Level
Hewn Log Storage Chest 200 1
Mossy Rock Storage Chest 225 1
Old Wood Storage Chest 225 1
Hunter Storage Chest 325 two
Iron Storage Chest 300 two
Stone Storage Chest 325 two
Booty Storage Chest 400 3
Dynasty Storage Chest 400 3
Hope Storage Chest 400 3
Golden Steel Storage Chest 500 4
Cursed Storage Chest 525 4
Polished Marble Storage Chest 525 4

Dismissal Card

  • Storage increase: 25 per card

An easy way to increase your storage is to get the “Dismissal” card as a reward for a permanent territory. As you increase your rank in a region, you will be able to claim certain passive benefits in the form of cards. One of these cards will increase your storage shed limit by 25 points in a settlement.

This may not sound significant, but this is the only permanent territory reward that doesn’t suffer from diminishing returns. Take this card whenever it appears.

Trading Post

  • Storage increase: potentially infinite

If you’re really desperate for more storage space and don’t mind a little hard work, you can leave your excess items at a factory. As long as an item is listed in a trading post, it does not take up any storage capacity.

Place your item at the factory at a very high cost to ensure that someone else doesn’t buy it, then leave it on the market for up to 28 days. When time runs out, the item will be returned to your storage shed in that city, overwhelming your storage capacity, even if it’s already full.