How to increase your team’s bond level in Scarlet Nexus

In Scarlet Nexus, you will need to increase your team’s bond level to gain some in-game bonuses. So we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to do just that!


How to increase your team’s bond level on Scarlet Nexus

To increase your team’s bond level on Scarlet Nexus, you will need to raise the individual bond levels of all your team members to the same bond level. This means that all members of your party must be at bond level 2 to raise the team bond level to level 2.

You can increase your bonding levels by giving gifts to your team members, completing bonding episodes, and giving them special gifts. If you want to earn gifts, you can get them by crafting them or buying them at the store, and it can also be great if you can find a gift that your peers really like.

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But if you don’t know which gifts your teammates like and don’t like, simply check the right side of the screen while you’re in your inventory. On the right, you should see the icons of your team members, and a symbol will appear indicating if they like that item, as shown below.

  • Highlighted – He likes
  • small pink heart – Love
  • big red heart – He loves

Now, if the item is greyed out or some members’ icons are, it means they won’t accept that particular item as a gift! The last method of increasing bond levels is by completing bond episodes in the hideout that unlocks after phase one.

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These episodes are the best way to increase bonding levels in Scarlet Nexus, but you’ll need to check the hideout every now and then to see who has a bonding level as you progress through the game. You’ll also have access to team bond episodes that are pretty much the same as normal but increase the bond you have with a group of party members.