How to Level Up Fast In Knockout City

Knockout City has its own “battle pass” system where the player needs to level up to get new cosmetic items in the game. So we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we’ll teach you how to level up fast in Knockout City!


How to Level Up Fast in Knockout City

Below you can see what you can do to level up faster in Knockout City:

  • complete contracts – Contracts are basically challenges for players to complete. This can consist of facing enemies multiple times or securing multiple knockouts during a match. Completing them will reward the player with a huge amount of experience points.
  • play with friends – Playing with a group of friends will give the whole group an experience bonus. The more you play with other people, the greater the experience bonus becomes.
  • accumulate victories – For each consecutive victory of the player, the points multiplier will keep working. In other words, if your team is able to win several games in a row, this multiplier will get bigger with each game.
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Knockout City is an action game developed by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Originals label. The game, which promises to be one of the great titles in the multiplayer gaming world, was released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PRAÇA in May 2021.