How to Create Adhesive Label in Word

If you like organization, you’ll love knowing that it’s possible to create an adhesive label in the word. It is not only useful at home, but also for naming children’s school supplies – which is extremely important.


Make an adhesive label at the word it may look like a seven-headed beast, but it’s easier than you might think. Check out the step by step below!

How to Create a Adhesive Label in Word

  • Open Microsoft Word. So, go to the “Matches” column, and then select the “Labels” option.
  • A window will appear. Under “Address”, enter the information you want to appear on the label.
  • Then click on “Options…”. You will then choose from the various options that appear under “Product number”. Here, we chose “North American Size” of “Horizontal Card” type.
  • Then go to “Details”. You should check whether the “Tags per line” and “Lines per page” options are non-zero because these are the options that determine how many tags will appear on a page.
  • With an “OK”, you go back to the start window. Then, to create the label, select the “New document” option.
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Here are your tags. Now, just make sure the information is correct and print!


Pre-Existing Adhesive Label

If you don’t want to create one adhesive label at the word from scratch, you can do this from a pre-existing template.

  • To do this, open Word, click on “New” and type “label” in the search. Enter.
  • Choose the model you like the most to view a preview and more information. After that, click on “Create”.
  • Edit the information you want to appear on the tag. When you mess with the first tag, the others will replicate the same text. With everything right, just print!
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