How to Obtain Ghost Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

In Ghost of Tsushima, a phantom armor is one of the most desired armor in the game. In the game, you can change the appearance of the protagonist Jin Sakai and equip him with a variety of different armor sets. Each comes with its own set of abilities, as well as useful buffs for Jin’s stats. Therefore, choosing what type of armor to wear is a much more complicated process than simply choosing the one that is more aesthetically pleasing to you.


However, there is a perfect armor set for all types of gamers, especially those who prefer a more stealthy gameplay style. In Ghost of Tsushima, a phantom armor it is the most chosen and one of the easiest to obtain, as it is part of the main plot. If you haven’t decided on one of the many armors available yet, know that Phantom Armor is a good choice.

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If you couldn’t find the phantom armor in Ghost of Tsushima in a natural way, don’t worry: we’re here to give you a hand with this guide! Find out how to get this very useful and desired set right away!


How to get the Phantom Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

Phantom Armor is equipment obtained after you complete all missions in the game’s main story. You won’t have to worry about losing quests; just relax and enjoy the game, and eventually you’ll make it to the Coming from Darkness quest, which will reward you with the Phantom Armor.

When you start the Coming from Darkness quest, you will automatically receive the Phantom Armor without doing anything, because it is part of this challenge. You’ll need to use it to sneak into an enemy camp full of soldiers.

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You should equip Phantom Armor whenever you need to be stealthy, as it helps reduce enemy detection by an impressive 40%. This can be a big advantage if you prefer to go through densely populated areas without engaging in a fight. You also have a 30% chance to terrify nearby enemies when you try to kill them, which is great for sneaking through battle. That’s the beauty of the Phantom Posture, after all.


Keep in mind that many armor sets also offer similar buffs, but since this one only appears at the end of the game, you might not make much use of it. Still, these other armor does show up throughout your journey, so to ensure these stealthy buffs, make sure you’re always exploring around!