How to Play Lover mode in Among Us

The Among Us community has created a new mod known as the “mod of the Lover“. In this game mode, a player is given the role of Lover (“Lover”) and his main objective is to help the imposter! So, knowing how popular these custom game modes are among the Among Us community, we at CodioDesk decided to make this post that will teach you how to play Lover mode!


As with any custom mini-game, it is recommended that you play with friends and that there are no strangers in the game. This is because there is no way to know if the unknown is in accordance with the rules of the game, and everyone needs to cooperate to play a mini-game.

First of all, know that the only ones with access to this mod are modders and content creators Sub & Fletch. But it is always possible for a modder to decide to create his own Lover’s mod! Now that this is clear, let’s go to the guide!

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How to play Lover mode in Among Us

Whoever receives the role of Lover in a match with this mod will have their own special abilities. This includes being able to see who the imposter is and a button titled “Simp”, which makes the closest crew member fall in love with you, allowing you to take him to the imposter to make the killer win the match more easily (this button doesn’t have a recharge time). Technically, there is no way for the Lover to win an Among Us match, but he “wins” if the impostor wins.

In a match, there can be more than one Lover, just as there can be more than one impostor!

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The rest of the game is the same: the crew try to do the tasks or eliminate the imposter to win. And of course, considering that the Lover is helping the imposter, the crew has one more problem to solve: finding out who the Lover is and expelling him.


Among Us is a game of mystery and science fiction style. In it, players must find out who among them is the killer, and in the process, several laughs are guaranteed when several friends play together. Speaking of which, it is recommended that you play with friends, as the game experience gets much better!