How to play online while hiding your IP Address with VPN

As technology evolves, video games have become increasingly realistic, exciting and incredible, falling in love with an increasingly larger and increasingly global gamer community. The internet has made it possible to break down borders and bring players around the world closer together, creating gigantic communities that share the same tastes in games like League of Legends or Minecraft.

However, despite having revolutionized our lives, the internet continues to have some dangers, which we need to prevent. It is true that the world wide web is no longer the wild west it was, thanks to the regulation of the sector and the evolution of technology, which has increased the safety of users. However, privacy is currently a very sensitive issue. With the transition from analogue to digital, our lives are now all on the net, within the reach of third parties. The IP address, which is the number that identifies any device connected to the network, is thus used to identify and locate users by hackers, in search of information or sensitive data. That is why, hiding IP prevents tracking, among other threats.

Advantages of playing with the Hidden IP

That said, it is easy to understand what the advantages of playing online with a hidden IP address are. In fact, there are several benefits for international gamers. And that is why more and more players install VPN, virtual private res, which is a simple, fast and effective way, guarantee your privacy and anonymity online.

Thus, one of the advantages starts with being a form of protection against other players. As the gamer community is very competitive, it is common for two players to get irritated easily. With the IP visible, you run the risk of being chased on social networks by a more uncontrolled player, which becomes impossible when you use a VPN and browse and play incognito.

With a VPN you can play safely anywhere, even when using a public wireless network. These connections are, as a rule, insecure and very prone to attack. However, with a VPN you no longer have to worry about it. You can play with the same security at home, at work.

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However, one of the biggest advantages of hiding your IP address in order to play is that you are thus avoiding any kind of geographic restrictions. Many platforms end up blocking certain countries, while others charge even more to certain regions than others. With the hidden IP, it easily circumvents these restrictions and even online censorship, in a very simple and efficient way.

The best VPN to play online

There is no correct answer to this question since we are not talking about an exact science. In fact it all depends on the real needs of the users and what they are really looking for. So, before choosing a private network, you must first make a complete diagnosis of your situation.

With demand on the rise, supply has multiplied extremely quickly on the internet and there are currently hundreds of VPNs available on the market. At first glance, they may all look the same, but they are not. They have different functionalities, there are free and paid models, and VPNs with different speeds, different encryption systems and many other variations.

Online players should, however, always opt for a VPN that has an antilogs policy, excluding all connection traffic logs. There are models that are not as rigorous in this regard, but for an online player, this is an extremely important feature for an optimized online experience from the user’s perspective.

In addition, there are other features that you should take into account. For example, you should choose a VPN that does not interfere with bandwidth, since speed is the most important parameter when playing online. Virtually all private networks offer a free trial period, so don’t be afraid to try and buy different products before making your final decision.