How to Put Bots on Discord and automate server functions

Botting a server in Discord is a pretty simple process. These virtual robots are capable of performing certain actions on their own, taking on roles that would be the responsibility of channel administrators. Like welcoming, moderating content or just entertaining members with music and games.


The process of adding bots in Discord is basically the same on PC as on mobile. Check out!

1. There are several sites that provide bots for Discord. In this step by step we will use the Discord Bot List. Open your preferred browser and access the service’s website;


Screenshot of Discord Bot List website homepage

two. The user can explore the site to see the most voted, news or by categories such as Music and Moderation. When you find the desired bot, click on its name;

  • If you prefer, you can also search for the bot’s name in the search box, such as Lorita, GarticBOT, groovy, etc.

3. Scroll the screen and tap the button invite. You will be redirected to the Discord website;


Adding bot to Discord

4. If you are not logged in to your Discord account, please login. Then select the server you want to add the bot to and click Continue;

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5. On the next screen, allow or remove bot access to the listed actions. If the box on the side is checked, it means that you are giving permission for that option. Confirm on the button Authorize;


Add bot to Discord

6. Check the box next to the item. I’m not a robot to authenticate your use;

7. Wait a moment and the bot will be added to the indicated server. You can find him among your friends on the server.


It is possible that you will be taken to the bot’s official page to check the tutorial and stay on top of the main commands.

And now, how to use the bot?

Rythm bot release image
Disclosure / Rythm

Bots are able to understand and respond to specific commands. Generally speaking, these commands consist of a symbol, such as + or !, followed by a word or expression, usually in English.

To find out which instructions to use, you should go to the bot’s or its developer’s website and look for the commands section. Loritta, for example, understands +akinator as an order to start the people guessing game.

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Rythm, on the other hand, starts playing the requested song if the user writes it !play followed by the name of the song. For example, if you write !play yesterday and hit the Enter key, the bot will play the Beatles song. To stop, just type !stop.

Some bots allow you to customize the commands. The case of the MEE6 manager, for example, has a command center available on its own website.

How to take a bot from the server in Discord

Removing a bot in Discord is even simpler than adding it. Right-click on the bot’s name in your server’s sidebar. In the menu that opens, click on Kick out [nome do bot] or To ban [nome do bot].

Remove bot from your server

By banning, in addition to removing the bot, you can also delete your history of messages sent by it in the last 7 days or 24 hours.