How to Remove a Bounty for Your Head In Elder Scrolls Online

Learn how to remove a reward in The Elder Scrolls Online can totally change your game. Here, the rewards work similarly to the GTA series: if a player is caught committing a crime, such as murder or theft, the local authorities will try to charge a fee on the player’s head or force him to surrender. After that, you have the option to post bail or run away, but if you are caught, all stolen items will be returned to their rightful owners. Then it’s not possible, right?


Fortunately, there are a few different options on how to remove a reward in The Elder Scrolls Online – and this guide will talk about exactly that.

Remember that the seriousness of the crime committed will influence the value of the reward, that is, the more serious the crime, the greater the reward for the player’s head. There’s also an on-screen heat bar; if it’s too high, the guards will act much more aggressively towards the player. Keep an eye on it so you don’t get into a bigger mess than you already are!

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Below, see how remove a reward in The Elder Scrolls Online.

How to Remove a Reward in The Elder Scrolls Online

The good news is that there are some ways to remove a reward in The Elder Scrolls Online. Are they:

  • Pay the bail fee: This will be the guards’ first reaction to the player. However, all stolen items will be returned to their place of origin.
  • Wait: This is perhaps the most popular option. The reward will naturally decrease in value over time, so just avoid the guards until it’s gone for good.
  • Store or sell stolen items: You can keep the items so they won’t be confiscated, but later you’ll have to serve time or bail. To prevent this from happening, sell the items to an NPC that can be found in Outlaws Refuge; thus, the reward will disappear once the stolen cargo is sold.
  • Edict: This item will magically remove the reward and heat levels. It appears in three different types: Grand Amnesty, Counterfeit Pardon, and Leniency Edict.
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The most fun way to deal with these rewards, however, is to simply run away. After all, what’s the point of stealing and committing crimes if you can’t get away with it, right?