How to See How much you’ve Spent In Valorant

If you’re among those Valorant players that have many cool skins, then you might have wondered just how much cash you’ve already spent on the game. All things considered, this really is a common question of folks who play games offering some kind of cosmetic. Well are aware there’s a means to be aware of how much you’ve spent Valorant, also here in this informative article, we’ll explain to you!


How to see how much you’ve spent on Valorant

  • To check your purchase history at Valorant, first, go to this link and log in.

So, when logging in, note that the login button has been replaced by a button written Get My Purchase History. Click that button.

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When you do this, you will see an extract of all your expenses at Valorant. This statement shows how much you have spent in cash and Valorant Points!


Oh, and know that this tool is from Riot Games itself, that is, you do not run any risk when using it!

So, this guide on how to see how much you have already spent on Valorant was useful for you?