How to Stream live Videos On Facebook

Any Facebook user can use the platform to make live streams open to the public or their friends. THE live it can be done either by the Android and iOS app or by the computer. After the streaming, user can share recorded video on their timeline or save on device.


Now who wants to make a live on Facebook Gaming, you must perform a different process. For stream while playing titles like Free Fire and Fortnite it is necessary to have a Video Game Creator page and download suitable software on PC.

We  Will explains how easy it is to stream live video on Facebook via mobile and PC and also via Facebook Gaming.


How to make Facebook live on PC

To make a live stream from your computer, you just have a Facebook account, a camera and internet access. Facebook recommends that streaming be done via the Google Chrome browser.

1. Open Chrome and go to the Facebook page. If you are not logged in to your account, login;

two. On the home page, click on the three dots icon situated in the box of Create publication;


3. In the menu that opens, go to live video;

4. You will be directed to the video production platform. In the left column are the following options:

  • Select whether you want to start live now or schedule it (and then send notice to your friends);
  • Define who will be allowed to view the content: everyone, just friends or just you (good choice if you want to record the video to save and publish later)
  • Insert a title and description to the streaming, if you want. You can tag friends, add location and mood.

5. Scroll down the main screen, where the camera image is displayed, to access more technical options on the transmission. Between them:

  • Choose how you want to create your stream, by camera or via a third party app;
  • Choose the microphone, camera and whether to share the screen;
  • Set the time for how long to live will remain published after its closing;
  • Disable comments;
  • Create a poll to be answered by viewers during the broadcast.

6. To start stream, go in Start live stream;

7. To end the video, tap End live video. Automatically, the streaming will be published in your timeline if you have chosen it in the settings. If you don’t want this to happen, click on delete video.

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How to make live on Facebook via mobile (Android and iPhone)

To broadcast live via smartphone, you must have the Facebook app installed on your Android device or iPhone (iOS). And, of course, have an account on the social network. Then just follow the steps below.


1. Open the Facebook app and tap Live, right below the box What is on your mind?;

two. You will be taken to the live video screen. Before starting, it is possible to perform some configurations. At the top of the screen, on the left, you can define who is authorized to watch the video. If it is open to everyone, just friends or if you want to share it in a group you participate in;

3. Below, write a description of the content that will be covered. If you want, you can tag people, include their location and let them know how you’re feeling;


4. Note that next to the Start Live Video button is a wand icon. Touching it will display augmented reality filters to add to your video;

5. To start the streaming, touch Start live video.

6. To end your video, go to Conclude. At the end, you will have access to the live recording. You can save it to your device, delete it or post it to your timeline.

How to live with two people on Facebook

In 2016, Facebook launched the functionality live with. The option allowed to invite a friend to the lives made on the social network, through the app for Android and iOS.

Apparently, the feature was not very successful and was canceled by the platform the following year, in 2017. According to a note issued at the time, the discontinuation took place after an evaluation of the set of features they offered.

“It is important that we prioritize and focus on the experiences that generate the most value for the community”, informed the company. Until the production of this article, in March 2020, the functionality had not been resumed.

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How to make live on Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is how the gaming section of the social network is called. The tool allows you to play alone or with friends and join groups specifically focused on games. In addition, it is possible to watch live matches through the streams.

For those who want to become a streamer and share your gaming strategies with other users, you must have a Video Game Maker page. It is also necessary to download a program from streaming on the computer. The ones recommended by the social network are Streamlabs, The OBS Studio it’s the XSplit.

This software allows the user to share the game screen with their viewers and make the broadcast in a more professional way. Then just follow the steps below.

1. Access the page of Facebook creative studio and click on broadcast live;

two. In the window that opens, select the tab Publication and choose where you want the video to appear. You can choose your game maker page, profile, any group or event;

3. On the same tab, you can also name the video and include a description of what will be shown.

4. On the left side of the window, copy the server URL and/or the key from streaming and paste in your software’s settings. streaming;

5. Check the box for the option Use a persistent stream key, so you don’t need to generate a key on each transmission;

  • Facebook strongly recommends that the user never share their transmission key with others. This would allow third parties to create videos on your behalf.

6. Start the broadcast on your program of streaming;

7. Back to the page of the Facebook creative studio, click in broadcast live and ready.

Facebook requirements for streaming videos

In order to ensure the quality of streamings made from third-party programs, Facebook recommends following some guidelines. Are they:

  • Maximum resolution: 1080p at 60fps
  • Video encoding: H264
  • Audio encoding: AAC
  • Maximum bit rate: 4 mbps
  • Recommended audio bitrate: 96 Kbps or 128 Kbps
  • Maximum title length: 255 characters. If you exceed this limit, the streaming will not work.
  • I-Frame per second: at least one every 2 seconds.