How to Talk to the Police Twelve Minutes

The police officer is one of the 3 great characters in the plot of Twelve Minutes, and it is extremely difficult to get to talk to him, today we will explain how to get to talk to him and ask some questions.


Trying to talk to him while he’s handcuffing you might cause him to tell you to be quiet, and if you keep talking, he’ll strangle you or punch you in the head. To talk to the police officer, you will need to make him handcuff instead of you.

Twelve Minutes – How to Talk to the Police

You will need to drug your wife by giving her a glass of water along with the sleeping pills in the medicine cabinet. She’s going to pass out in the bedroom. You will also have to prepare the faulty light switch in the room by turning it on once and then turning it off. Finally, wait in the closet until the officer enters the room and is electrocuted.

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Next you will need to grab your belongings and handcuff him with your zip tapes. Once the officer wakes up, you can talk to him. You will have limited options that will end up with the policeman urging you to let him go or he will get angry and try to get up and attack you. To get more information from the officer, you will need to shoot him in the arm or leg. After doing this, the officer will be much more willing to talk.

With that, you learned how to talk to the cop on Twelve Minutes.