How to Turn on Instagram Dark Mode

Activating Instagram’s night mode is quite simple. On Android, you can configure dark mode directly in the social network app. On the iPhone, you need to change the system settings to get the black look.


The feature promises battery savings and more comfort to the eyes in low-light environments. Check out how to use it!

How to enable Instagram dark mode on Android

1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the profile picture in the lower right corner of the screen;


two. Then tap on the icon formed by three lines, at the top of the screen on the right;

3. In the menu that opens, go to settings;

4. Now choose to Theme;


5. Check the box next to Dark.

  • If you choose to system pattern, Instagram will activate dark mode only when it is activated on Android. The feature, however, only works for Android 10 users.

How to enable dark mode on Android

Anyone who has Android 10 installed can activate dark mode throughout the system and automatically apply it to apps that support the functionality. If you prefer to automate the procedure, just follow the steps below.

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1. open the app To set up of Android;


2. Go in Screen;

3. Activate the switch related to the option dark theme.

Ready! At the same time, you will notice that the system colors have gone dark. So when opening Instagram and other compatible apps like night mode also have the layout is darkened.


How to enable Instagram night mode on iPhone

iPhone users must have the iOS 13 installed on the device so that dark mode is activated on Instagram.

1. Go in Settings;

two. Then tap Screen and brightness;


3. On the next screen, check the box for the option dark to activate the dark mode.

The system will gain darker tones at the time, as well as apps that offer the functionality, such as Instagram.

How to take Instagram out of night mode

Have you tested Instagram’s dark mode and noticed that you prefer the traditional one? No problem. On Android, just repeat the step-by-step above in Theme, choose to sure.

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On the iPhone, you need to disable the dark theme throughout the system. In this case, you should also redo the process explained above and in, Screen and Brightness, check the box under clear.

How to find out your cell phone system version

As we said, to be able to use system night mode, you need to have Android 10 or iOS 13 installed on your device. If you don’t know which operating system version you have installed, don’t worry. We will show how simple it is.

  • Android: app Configure → System → Advanced. In the system update, the operating system version is displayed. If you want to check if there is an update available, tap on System update. If it doesn’t open, tap twice quickly on the option. Automatically, the search for updates is done.
  • iOS: Settings → General → About. In the Software version, you have the information of which one you have installed on your iPhone. When an update is available, the user is notified with an on-screen upgrade alert General.